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BMO Prepaid Travel MasterCardIf you are in the market for a reliable, easy to use prepaid credit card, consider the BMO Prepaid Travel MasterCard. Not only is this card easy to obtain, as your credit rating makes no difference, it is offered by a reputable and established organization. With a purchase fee of only $9.95, BMO touts this card as a safe and convenient alternative to cash or travelers cheques.

Value Added Service

The BMO Travel MasterCard offers its clients additional service not available with all other prepaid cards. A transparent fee schedule available online, free online reloading and a maximum $10,000 balance are just to name a few.
A big win with this card is the three year validity, unlike other cards which may offer only three months. Like credit cards, this prepaid option offers both Extended Warranty and Purchase Protection. Users are protected as well through Identity Theft Assistance and MasterCard SecureCode which offers users a more secure internet shopping experience when using the BMO MasterCard card online. If the card is used without authorization by the cardholder, BMO offers Zero Dollar Liability to clients in good standing.

Although reviewed positively by many users, there are some complaints about the BMO Prepaid Travel MasterCard. You can only apply online, and you can only transfer money via online bill payments, as payments are not accepted at tellers. Although payable through most Canadian banks, TD Canada Trust does not currently support this option.

Widely Accepted

The BMO Travel MasterCard was designed with travelers in mind, therefore it has worldwide acceptance at nearly 30 million locations. It also offers 24/7 global assistance for any issues that may arise including emergency replacement cards, emergency cash advances, or locating ABMs. If, while traveling outside Canada, the card is lost or stolen, you can get a replacement card or up to $1,000 in emergency funds usually within two business days by simply visiting a financial institution that honours MasterCard, designated card-replacement centres and cash-advance locations. Always a bonus, users can get cash advances at any BMO Bank of Montreal branch or at more than 835,000 Automated Banking Machines (ABMs) worldwide.


When the card expires after three years, users can roll it over to a new one or have the balance refunded minus applicable fees. Users are required to request a refund of the balance before the card expires. BMO does notify the cardholder in advance of expiration. Inactive fees will apply after the card expires until the balance is zero or the user requests a refund, whichever comes first.
All things considered, the BMO travel MasterCard is one of the best prepaid options available. It is ideal for clients traveling in and outside of Canada, or for clients who are unable to obtain a credit card.

6 Responses so far.

  1. HappyPrepiad says:

    Very happy with my bmo prepaid card. I have a bmo account so setup was easy. Very happy with following your advice. Thanks.

  2. Jerry says:

    I am happy with the card overall, but I have had trouble on a few sites online when I tried to use the card due to the long 3 year expiry date. Many online sites are expecting the much shorter time frame that a standard MC has… such if life otherwise I love it as my online MC, only the funds loaded can ever be spent.. and its from a first rate bank

  3. catherine says:

    I just received the Bmo prepaid card — unreal cheap in cost to use. $6.95 to set up and 1 fee for the year of $6.95….no credit check …this will be giving the money marts a run for their money – they cost $15 a month…no comparison

  4. faisal says:

    BMO prepaid MasterCard is much better than other prepaids.

  5. Holly says:

    Perhaps i should set up a free checking account(pay as you go) with them to get the BMO card because laurentian bank doesn’t allow bill payments to this card to reload it.I was going to have it ship out to me but i refuse it because only a minimum of $100 can be added at a time and they don’t allow PAD(Pre-Authorized Payments).Payments must be done manually.The other prepaid cards that are legit are expensive when I add up all the cost.So far this is the only cheapest one I can find.I don’t have to pay to get the card ship and to get the card which is good.People already have to pay the $6.95 yearly fee so that can count as the payment…

  6. caitsith2 says:

    I have had one for almost 3 years, and have been very happy with it. I will be renewing it, as it will continue to serve me. My current end is coming up this November.

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