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citizens bank prepaid visa review
What a great feeling when you get someone special exactly what they want! With Citizens Bank Prepaid Visa Gift Cards, that’s exactly what you are giving. As the company says, “you do the giving, they do the choosing.”

Available in many locations including local super markets and post offices, the Citizens Bank Visa prepaid gift card is an easy way to give the perfect gift, without the hassle of shopping malls. It can even be ordered online at


On a Personal Note

Citizens Bank Prepaid Visa Gift Cards still allow you to add a personal touch to a special gift. With many designs to choose from, you can pick a scene that reflects the personality or interests of the recipient. Individually designed to meet a request, theme, or project , the choice of cards is suitable for different occasions, events, and for very different people. The company often offers limited edition cards as well.

For the individual receiving the card, it is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted electronically, but there are a few regulations. The card is is not reloadable and is not redeemable for cash. It cannot be used at ATMs, gas pumps, for recurring payments, for gambling or at venues requiring a manual imprint. “Cash back” transactions with the card are not permitted, and some merchants may not allow you to combine payment type, part cash and part credit.

Due to the various security features of global websites, Citizens Bank cannot guarantee your Citizens Bank Visa Card will work on all websites. Although you can return items purchased with the card for credit, it may take up to seven business days for the funds to appear on the card balance. The card balance, however, can be checked anytime online at as Citizens does not offer paper statements for gift cards.

Giving the Citizens Bank Prepaid

As a gift card, not a credit card, there are no monthly fees, no maintenance fees, and no customer service fees. When buying the card however, there is a $5.95 fee to cover the card and packaging, to manage and pay merchants on your behalf, and to provide services associated with the card.

As a gift-giver, it’s what I consider a no-brainer. It’s easier then shopping at the malls and it really gives the recipient choices. Giving a store-specific gift card is potentially a waste of money if the recipient does not shop at that particular store.

As a recipient of a Prepaid Visa myself this year, it was a welcomed, open ended gift that allowed me to enjoy a night out on my terms….and on my sister’s dime.

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